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E-liquid Ben Northon vape juice flavor by Solevan

I was born along the Mississippi, in one of those towns squeezed onto the banks of the river, sweltering under the western sun. At one time, I tried to bring law and justice to this dusty shambles of a place populated by miners and gold-diggers. With the years my illusions faded and I turned my back on my neighbors, to wander the ancestral lands. I became a “mountain man”, a solitary soul, a tobacco farmer. I fell in love with their subtle aromas, until they became my entire universe.  With each blend, its memory. With each scent, its words. Black Horse, Love Blond, Doe Skin, Gold Digger, Road Five. With each fragrance, its story. My story. I am the e-liquide Ben Northon, vape juice flavor by Solevan

e-liquide Ben Northon Road Five vape juice flavor by Solevan


e-liquide Ben Northon road five vape juice flavor by Solevan

The hooves of Black Horse echoed from north to south, free from any obstacle. The city was only a blur, far behind. We rode nonchalantly on the strip of ocher and clay, lazy under the midday sun. Then suddenly, along the edge of the road, rose this peaceful vision for planting tobacco, and a homestead. That’s where my first fragrance comes from. A bitter, vegetal taste, an ode to the road and to the land of promises. Ben Northon brings you the e-liquid Road Five

The e-liquid Ben Northon Road Five is based on a mild blond Tobacco flavor, one you might imagine as typically American as it calls to mind sand, earth, and wind. It strikes a perfect aromatic balance – with a malty, brassy top note and an assertive body – that highlights a tobacco with personality and a long, bracing finish. As pleasurable as it is original.

e-liquide Ben Northon Black Horse vape juice flavor by Solevan


e-liquide Ben Northon black horse vape juice flavor by Solevan

I remember our first ride. He pitched up, I fell off the saddle. A proud and wild thoroughbred. Since then, I’ve never truly mastered him. Peer to peer, we travel plateaus and valleys, his cadence became mine. I created a vape for my old friend from our days of wanderings and adventures. A tribute to his coat : powerful and black.

Ben Northon brings you the vape juice flavor of Black Horse. The first taste of this powerful toasted tobacco offers the sensation of leaves drying in the sun. After this direct and distinctive beginning, the length persists with a warm and woodsy sensation, finishing long and exceptional in the mouth. The resonance and brightness of the flavors in the throat characterize this high-class tobacco.

e-liquide Ben Northon Gold Digger vape juice flavor by Solevan


e-liquide Ben Northon gold diggerroad five vape juice flavor by Solevan

His massive figure emerged in the early dawn. His hands wandered the waterways in search of gold nuggets and dust. An old miner, he had arrived there with pick and shovel, hoping for new veins. From him I learned patience. He taught me to slow dry tobacco. After he left, I hung his tools on the wall, memories of undiscovered treasures but trophies of a rare friendship.

Ben Northon e-liquid brings you the vape juice flavor Gold Digger : a concentrate for tobacco enthusiasts looking for intensity and authenticity. A true aromatic nugget for connoisseurs who will discover in this subtle amber vape the rising, well-rounded sensations of real Tobacco flavors that the throat catches. The hit is temperamental, the length is vivacious, and the body is like warm copper.

e-liquide Ben Northon Doe Skin vape juice flavor by Solevan


e-liquide Ben Northon doe skin vape juice flavor by Solevan

An agile deer I hunted all season long without success. It seemed to flit between rocks, disappearing into the waters of the rivers. And then finally, I could approach him. Dozing in my tobacco plants, peaceful, defenseless. I left him there. Looking away, I left to craft a tobacco in his image. An ode to life, a tribute to his strength.

Ben Northon e-liquid brings you Gold Digger. With its woodsy top note, that vape juice flavor takes you into the wild. Its approach on the throat is intense, and it expands with dark tobacco flavors and warm curves. Temperamental, like that elusive beast. It stays strong and full-bodied throughout its length, and it naturally but expertly mixes aromas of flora and fauna.

e-liquide Ben Northon Love Blond vape juice flavor by Solevan


e-liquide Ben Northon love blonde vape juice flavor by Solevan

That night was dry and hot. In a seedy saloon, our eyes met. Her hair had the smell of freedom, the wildness of the great outdoors. From her skin a slight fragrance of tobacco escaped, volatile and golden. She left during the night, drawn back to the high plains. Sometimes her memory caresses me like an untamed breeze. Her gaze, her smell, the smoke on the edge of her lips… Love Blonde forever.

Ben Northon brings you the e-liquid Love Blond. That vape juice flavor aims for a captivating, gourmet sensation. It’s a toasted, blond tobacco that begins on a golden, sweet note then stretches out with roasted flavors ahead of its powerful, round finish. Its approach is delicate before it cascades into robust and attractive aromas. An absolute must of tobacco vape.

e-liquide Ben Northon 5 nicotine strength vape juice flavor by Solevan
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